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Guardian Legal Huntingdon

guardian-legal-huntingdonAs far as charming towns go, Huntingdon qualifies as it is not only beautiful, it is peaceful, quiet and when the time is right, bursts into life in ways that may surprise even its inhabitants. But, where is Huntingdon and what does it have to offer?

Introduction to Huntingdon

Huntingdon is a market town in Cambridgeshire in England. It is regarded as a small town as it is home to about 23,500 according to the 2011 census. That said, though, there is a lot that goes on in this market town.

Everyone who has been to Huntingdon knows that there is a wide selection of historic heritages, boutiques and national shops, riverside walks and fun activities to see and do when visiting which makes Huntingdon town the perfect place to visit when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Historians record that Huntingdon was chartered by King John in 1205. At the time it was the country town of Huntingdonshire. Because this market-town is located at the River Great Ouse, it rapidly grew into a market town and later into a coaching town.

What Huntingdon has to offer

Huntingdon is a charming town as it offers all the comforts of home in the form of the Cromwell Museum, which is the only Cromwell-dedicated museum in Britain, beautiful churches and the lively markets which are heralded as leading to the birth of this town. The two markets to choose from are a traditional market and a farmers’ market. In addition, visitors and travellers will find adequate entertainment at various cafes, bars and restaurants that dot the town.
Places to stay, wine and dine
Some of the places that you can have a little fun while in Huntingdon include The Old Bridge Hotel and The George Hotel. For those who love walks and strolls, the pedestrianised shopping centres and the Historic Town Trail give you lots of places to see and visit.

The Huntingdon’s riverside park is another perfect place to unwind. You can choose between boating or just enjoying a picnic while watching the River Great Ouse which is the fourth longest river in England flow quietly nearby.

The Surrounding Area

While Huntingdon is a fun town all on its own, there are lots of other places surrounding this town that you have to visit. For starters, the
Huntingdon Racecourse is a very short distance from the town. It is directly off the A14 and is home to regular race meetings, and on occasion, it does open for family fun days.

Portholme, which is between Huntingdon and Godmanchester, boasts of having the largest lowland meadow in the country. It is perfect for those who cannot get enough of strolls and walks as it offers a peaceful environment for serene walks.

Houghton Mill is another tourist centre that you have to visit. It is a National Trust property and is home to one of the few remaining water mill located on the Great Ouse river. The Houghton Mill still grinds flour and is home to a nearby camping site that you can book for a romantic night of camping.

One last place that you can visit is the Grafham Water Centre. It is near Perry and it offers both land and water based fun activities. In addition, you can take walks here as well as hire a bike to ride in and around the reservoir.