Guardian Legal Prepaid Funeral Plans

For both peace of mind and financial reasons a Guardian Legal Pre-paid Funeral Plan is an excellent investment whilst planning for the inevitable.

Our fixed-priced plans are set at today’s rates and they suit every budget – they guarantee your funeral costs and wishes are set for the future in turn freeing friends and relatives of any possible future financial burdens associated to your burial or cremation costs not to mention alleviating the stress and unpleasantness of organising such an event.

Our own thoughtfulness is our greatest strength so a Guardian Legal Funeral Plan shows you care enough to relieve loved ones of any potential financial and emotional burden. Funeral wishes stated in a Will are not necessarily binding and can be overlooked so a Funeral Plan with Guardian Legal is a formal and legal way of ensuring your final wishes are met.

Our pre-paid Funeral Plans make a wise investment and will beat any inflation by setting the cost at the current rate. Starting from as little as £4000.00 it makes total sense to fix your funeral costs today and have the peace of mind that regardless of how much these costs spiral by yours is set at today’s rate.

THIS IS MONEY (Feb’ 2013) – People who buy pre-paid plans can lock-in the cost of their funeral and protect against inflation which for funeral costs is currently at around 7 per cent a year, almost triple the Consumer Prices Index rate of inflation of 2.7 per cent.