Guardian Legal Home and Asset Trusts

A Trust holds special status within the law and has been used for centuries to safely ring fence and safe-guard an individual’s assets. This proven and established legal mechanism is part of everyday life and is commonly used by large associations, corporations and high net worth individuals.

Trusts are very well placed in the fabric and tradition of English Law and most charities, schools and hospitals successfully function under this robust legal model.

For families wishing to preserve and protect their home and assets a Guardian Legal Property and/ or Asset Trust can be the perfect way to safe-guard against such later-life costs such as Inheritance Tax, Probate Fees and in some instances even Care-fees.

If you wish to formally protect your home and/ or assets for your loved ones in the future then a Guardian Legal Property and/ or Asset Trust is the perfect, affordable solution.

A Guardian Legal Trust will improve your financial security for both you and your loved ones whilst remaining flexible and versatile as assets held within the Trust are for your full usage throughout your lifetime. Furthermore, if you decide to move home or downsize then our Trust is portable and will permit this.

A summary of how a Guardian Legal Trust would work for you:

  • Protect against unwanted Estate Claims
  • Asset protection from Court of Protection rule
  • Will hold assets efficiently for Inheritance Tax purposes
  • Asset protection against business failure or bankruptcy
  • Can disregard your assets in respect of Local Authority means testing
  • Perfect for Bloodline Planning purposes

If you wish to ensure your loved ones inherit all they are due and your estate is not unnecessarily exposed or eroded away later down the line then use a Guardian Legal Trust to give you that peace of mind.