Care fee planning

Care Fee Planning

Care fee planning

Care fee planning is essential for anyone who lives in the UK. While many people avoid thinking about it, if someone lives to an old age, they are likely to have expenses for care which arise. Formal planning for this can help to avoid some of the stresses and financial strains that future care can bring.

With higher life spans and continuous changes in medicinal services, more of us are probably going to require some sort of care at some phase in our lifetimes. The normal cost of care in a UK private care home sector can range from £500 to £1000 per week, per person. Meeting these expenses is a test for anybody and can soon eat about at assets that have taken us a life-time to accumulate.

It’s essential to seek professional, care-fee planning advice so always choose a reputable advisor such as Guardian Legal of Huntingdon. Getting robust and impartial care fee planning advice is a must to all home-owners as homes can be taken to fund long term care costs.
A Trust product with Guardian Legal can be a very affect instrument, if implemented correctly, to assist in care fee planning however should not be used merely for this purpose.
Assets, including a home, can be effectively ring-fenced within a Guardian Legal Trust ensuring that your estate is properly protected, in the future, for loved ones inherit. Our trusts can effectively mitigate against tax, probate costs and unwanted estate claims.


Guardian Legal’s trusts are affordable, versatile and suit most estates, large or small. Without a Trust assets and homes can be unnecessarily exposed and vulnerable.



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